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teen dreams review

TEEN DREAMS calls itself the web’s favorite teen porn mega site – so how does it stand up to the scrutiny of one of the best porn review sites on the net..?

I chose the premier porn reviews site mainly because after being a long term visitor of theirs I’ve gotten to believe they are not only honest and unbiased in their reviews – but also know just what they’re talking about.

Teen Dreams is indeed from the outside anyway one hell of a good looking younger babes porno site with a delicious mix of erotic nudes and smoking hot hardcore girls. However the new layout for me anyway suggest it’s a porn tube or TGP rather than a paid members site. So what do you get as a member..? Here’s a snippet of the Porn Tips review:

“Teen Dreams is one of the top teen sites on the web, but I can’t help but think that with a little more effort they could harness their potential and become even better than they are now.”

However the reviewer adds:

“Primarily a solo-girl site they do offer girl/girl and boy/girl pics and videos as well. There are plenty of tight, sexy girls everywhere you look and a great selection to choose from.”

And giving it a pretty healthy score of 89.7 out of 100 leaves me in no doubt Teen Dreams is a pretty good site to sign up to. You see one of the reasons I trust the XXX reviews, is they are more than a little miserly with they point scores!!! A site has to be exceptional is if score in the mid to high 80’s let alone the lofty heights of the nineties. I’ll leave you to go to the site to check on those premier league porno sites!!!

I love the reviews at Porn Tips mainly because they balance the cold hard facts and figures of image size and video speeds with precise and weighty opinions based on my years of visiting thousands of porn members areas. if these guys and girls say a site sucks – then run a mile!!!

They cover ever single style of porn imaginable and some you really can’t! But – and this is another impressive characteristic – they are not swayed by reputations in any way – just look at their review of a site like Penthouse and you’ll see what I mean.

They have earned a loyal and trusting following who follow their considered reviews to a tee. And as they’ve grown so has their ability to to secure superb membership fee discounts – including incidentally at Teen Dreams where you can get a massive $10 off the join fee!!!

I strongly recommend not only visiting this elegant and classy porn review site but bookmarking to use as both a reference and to check on what’s new in the wonderful world of porno.

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